Trusted ER Pilots HanGenix™ Technology With Goal of Improving Hand Hygiene Compliance in Healthcare Settings

Trusted Medical partners with HanGenix™ Solutions, to implement ground-breaking interventional technology to enhance patient safety and boost hand hygiene compliance.

Trusted ER, one of DFW’s most innovative emergency room healthcare providers, has announced a new partnership with HanGenix™ Solutions, Inc., (HanGenix™), an industry-leading provider of transformational technology for hand hygiene compliance, to enhance patient safety by reducing healthcare associated infections (HAIs) in healthcare settings.

According to the CDC, nearly 2 million patients suffer from HAIs in the U.S. annually and nearly 100,000 of them die each year as a result. The leading cause of HAIs is the failure of healthcare workers to wash their hands. To combat this, HanGenix™ uses an ultrasound-based hand hygiene detection technology that reduces the risk of infection through proactive notification. Its system creates Patient Protection Zones, which dictate proper hand hygiene in accordance with industry guidelines, prior to patient contact.

While Trusted ER does not have an issue with infections in its facilities, the company’s leadership views the pilot program as yet another way the healthcare organization goes the extra mile to keep their patients safe.

“This new partnership comes at a time when hand hygiene compliance remains critical,” Trusted Medical CEO, Lori Guerrero, MBA, MHA, RN. “We are more than excited and looking forward to working together to strengthen and promote the health and wellbeing of our patients while educating our staff and team members to ensure safety and efficiency.”

“We are so excited Trusted Medical has chosen to implement HanGenix™ systems in their Trusted ER facilities,” says HanGenix™ CEO Jeff Kline. “Trusted is piloting our technology to promote the health and safety of their patients and healthcare providers through had hygiene compliance. We’re confident this technology will be met with education and new processes that will improve the patient experience, reduce risk of HAI’s, and help drive accountability and behavioral change in healthcare workers.”

Clinicians are notified, in real-time, if they have broken hand-hygiene protocol. Now, HanGenix™ is helping to drive accountability and behavioral change in healthcare workers. 

As the world continues to battle the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of hand hygiene compliance remains critical. HanGenix™ supports the health, safety, and well-being of healthcare organizations and their employees by promoting, monitoring, improving, and reporting hand hygiene compliance.

Through its innovative approach, HanGenix™ offers healthcare providers an easy and convenient solution to implement and execute hand hygiene programs that reduce the risk of HAIs.

As HAIs continue to be on the rise amid the pandemic, Trusted Medical’s commitment to patients and their safety through its strategic partnership with HanGenix™ continues to be a top priority.

“Patient safety is always our top priority,” said President and co-founder Harvey Castro, MD. “It’s also a continuous process. With that being said, we are 110% committed to not only developing but finding unique and innovative solutions to enhance and improve our quality of care and efficiency here at Trusted. We are thrilled about this partnership and look forward to our future together.”

About HanGenix™ Solutions, Inc.

Atlanta-based HanGenix™ is a digital healthcare solutions company with a simple, effective ultrasound-based monitoring system, designed to improve hand hygiene compliance that delivers accurate, robust, and insightful data through real-time feedback prior to patient contact. The company’s vision is to transform the means by which healthcare providers prevent Healthcare-Associated Infections through the use of technology in order to save lives and avoid unnecessary healthcare costs. The HanGenix™ System originated at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston in response to their challenges with accurately measuring hand hygiene compliance. Ron Newbower, PhD, Harvard faculty member and strategic advisor, and Mike Dempsey, MIT faculty member and entrepreneur in residence with the Center for Integration of Medicine and Innovative Technology (CIMIT), developed the ultra-sound-based technology after recognizing the limitations of current protocols and other technologies for hand hygiene monitoring. For more information about HanGenix™, go to https://www.hangenixsolutions.com/.