Summer Safety Series: Tips to Keep Your Child Hydrated All Summer Long

Is your child getting enough fluids this summer? In honor of National Hydration Day, we're sharing these key tips to ensure your child is drinking plenty of fluids and staying hydrated this summer.

Summer is here, meaning more time outdoors and more time in the sun. Whether your kids are playing outside or attending summer camp, it’s important to ensure they stay hydrated while enjoying the summer weather.

In honor of National Hydration Day, we are sharing three essential tips parents need to know to ensure their child is drinking enough water and staying hydrated all summer long.

3 Tips to Keep Your Child Hydrated

Here are three key tips to ensure your child has a safe, fun, and hydrated summer:

1. Give them plenty of water

Drinking water is an absolute must for children. Be sure to give them plenty of water throughout the day as they enjoy their outdoor activities. Do not wait for your child to tell you they’re thirsty before giving them water to drink. Keep in mind, by the time children say they are thirsty, they are already 3% dehydrated. Instead, give them 2-3 ounces of water per day, per pound of body weight. This suggests a maximum of 8-10 cups per day. This will help them stay hydrated and decrease the risk of your child becoming dehydrated.

Note: It’s important to not give infants water for hydration. Babies under the age of 1-year-old stay hydrated with breast milk or formula.

2. Drink water before and during activities

Active kids should drink 30 minutes before an activity and every 20 minutes during an activity. This will help ensure their body remains hydrated. For children who struggle to drink water, try giving it some flavor and color. For example, try infusing water with fruits such as lemons, limes, or berries.

3. Make water easily accessible

Water should always be easily accessible for children. Make sure you’re prepared by having readily available reusable bottles for your child to drink while playing.

Signs and Symptoms of Dehydration

As a parent, it’s important to know the signs and symptoms of dehydration. Remember, dehydration occurs when your child loses more fluids than they take in. If those fluids are not replaced, your child will become dehydrated. The two major signs and symptoms of dehydration are:

  • Decreased or dark-colored urine
  • Dizziness or lethargy

Note: If your child starts to feel lethargic, seek emergency care immediately at one of our Trusted ER locations near you.

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Summer Safety Series

For more in-depth tips on how you and your child can stay hydrated and prepare for a safe “cool” summer, check out our Summer Safety Series.

And remember, if your child has an emergency, we are ready to treat any illness or injury in the comfort of your home with My Trusted Pediatrics. As always, we are “caring for yours as if they were our own.”

Have a fun and hydrated summer!