Why It Is So Important to Stay Hydrated

Hydration is key to your health therefore it's important to know how much water and fluids your body needs. Check out the USDA Hydration guide below to learn more:

Hydration is one of the most important aspects of your overall health and wellbeing. It is vital to drink fluids and stay hydrated because your body depends on fluids, especially water, to survive. From those suffering from illness to thriving athletes and pregnant women, it is important to drink the appropriate amount of fluid for your specific needs. By drinking water and other fluids every day, you can minimize dehydration. Adequate hydration varies among individuals. *

USDA recommendations are based on age, sex, and health status. Most people can check if they’re staying hydrated daily by checking their urine color, the amount of sweat, or by their frequency of urination.

 Newborns to infant (through formula or breastmilk)Toddlers4-8 years9-13 yr old boys9-13 yr old girlsTeen boys to young menTeen girls to young women
USDA Hydration guide0.7-0.8 liter (~3-3.5 cups)1.3 liter (~5.5 cups)1.7 liter (~7.25 cups)2.4 liters (~10 cups)2.1 liters (~9 cups)2.7 liters (~11.5 cups)2.3 liters (~9.75 cups)
 WomenPregnant WomenLactating WomenMen
USDA Hydration Guide2.7 liters (~11.5 cups)3 liters (~12.75 cups)3.8 liters (15-16 cups)2.7 liters-3 liters (~11.5-12.75 cups)

For more tips on what you can do to stay hydrated, consult with a registered dietitian or any other health professional. Be sure to check out our blog, for more healthy lifestyle content.

Be Well. Stay Hydrated.

Sarah Wilcox MS RD LD

*Always consult a doctor or dietitian if you have any conditions that may affect your hydration needs, such as an increase in exercise, pregnancy, or chronic or acute illness.