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What You Get with My Trusted Pediatrics

Unlimited calls to a Pediatric Provider

Complimentary follow up visits
after illness or injury

Delivery of your child’s prescription
to your home

My Trusted Pediatrics brings first-class pediatric care to your front door. With one phone call, you can speak with a pediatric expert and schedule a same-day visit. At your request, a pediatric expert will come to your home to treat any non-ambulatory illness or injury. My Trusted Pediatrics is like having your own personal pediatrician’s office that you can call after hours or even on weekends. Ask common questions or request a visit. We’ll be there providing the highest level of care for your child when you need it most.

Caring for yours, as if they were our own (in the comfort of your home).

Our Pediatric Experts can

  • Treat Illnesses

    Fever, Ear pain, sore throat, abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea, rash, cough/cold symptoms, headaches, rash, painful urination

  • Run Tests

    Rapid flu, Rapid strep, Rapid RSV, COVID, urinalysis, UDS, pregnancy

  • Treat Injuries

    Broken bones, Head injury, Lacerations

  • Evaluate Nutrition

    Childhood obesity, Chronic illnesses, failure to thrive, food intolerance, food allergies

  • Evaluate Behavioral Health

    Sleep habits, screen time, learning

  • Perform Physicals Exams

    Sports or specialized camps

  • Provide Wellness Check Ups

    Regular Health Checkups, vaccine administration

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