Radiologic Technologist

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Position Title – Radiologic Technologist- Emergency Room

Position Goals

This job description for the Radiology Technologist provides criteria for the evaluation in performance, attitude and discipline. The radiology technologist will strive to provide proficient, competent care while maintaining the patient’s sense of comfort, dignity and rights.

Position Responsibilities

The Radiology Technologist will be responsible for:

1. Operating radiologic equipment to produce radiographs (X- rays) of body for diagnostic purposes, as directed by Radiologist.

2. Positions patients on the exam table appropriately and adjusts immobilization devices to obtain optimum views of specified area of body requested by physician.

3. Moves x-ray equipment into specified position and adjust equipment controls to set exposure factors, such as time and distance, based on knowledge of radiographic exposure techniques and protocols.

4. Practices radiation protection techniques, using beam restrictive devices, patient shielding skills, and knowledge of applicable exposure factors, to minimize radiation to patient and staff.

5. Shows knowledge of job when collaborating with physician, nurses, patients and families.

6. Communicating effectively with co-workers, patients and families.

7. Maintaining professionalism in job performance and practice.

8. Adhering to the guiding principle and policies.

9. Completing the ER/Radiology tech skill check off, showing competency in skill necessary to assist the nurse and physician.

10. Lab- shows knowledge and competency in lab duties:

  • Perform laboratory patient testing and reporting as assigned by the Laboratory Director.
  • Perform laboratory tests as described in the Laboratory Procedure Manual.
  • Maintain a current Procedure Manual.
  • Collect appropriate specimens from patients.
  • Checks two patient identifiers prior to collection and labeling
  • Labels specimens at the patient’s bedside
  • Prepare or instruct patients for specimen collection in age appropriate dialog.
  • Prepare specimens to be sent out to a reference laboratory.
  • Follow all laboratory safety policies and procedures.
  • Run controls and document as described in the QC Policy.
  • Calibrate all laboratory instruments, where applicable, as described in the laboratory Policy and Procedures Manual
  • Maintain all laboratory instruments as indicated by the manufacturers. In the event of instrument failure, follow the manufacturer’s trouble-shooting procedures.
  • Maintain laboratory safety equipment in proper working order to ensure their effectiveness and maintain personal protection supplies as needed.
  • Maintain all laboratory work surfaces; clean and disinfect against potentially infectious material.
  • Maintain all laboratory records as described in the laboratory Policy and procedures manual.
  • Make all laboratory records and documents available for inspection by the Laboratory Director, Technical Consultant, or CLIA Inspectors.
  • Order laboratory supplies as needed to ensure that laboratory functions and services will not be interrupted.
  • Follow all directives in the Laboratory Policy Manual.

Position Requirements

The requirements for employment are:

  • Graduation from accredited approved school of Radiologic Technology
  • One year of radiologic/imaging experience
  • Experience and training in CT
  • Registered CT Technologist
  • Registered with the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists
  • CPR certification
  • Current State licensure from TDH
  • Maintains level of continuing education, collaborative training and interactions in radiology field.

Physical Demands

  • Standing and walking
  • Twisting
  • Lifting and Carrying
  • Bending/Stooping
  • Capable of lifting up to 50 lbs., with assistance
  • Working with chemicals
  • Working near Radiation sources
  • Potential exposure to communicable diseases

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Tip #1

Follow All Instructions

Submit a complete application and check if all instructions are being followed.
Ensure there is no discrepancy in the application being submitted. Fulfill all the requirements stated in the job description.

Tip #2

Review Before Submitting

Final reviews are important even if you know the information you are submitting.
It is always a good idea to take a few minutes to ensure all the information, files being submitted are correct and relevant to the job description. First impressions are important so try to make the best one.