Happy Healthy Fall – A Guide To Keeping Healthy Habits This Fall

Fall brings a sense of cheer and warmth in our lives. It is full of festivities that include foods and treats. Here is our guide to keep some healthy habits and to avoid temptation this Fall.

Fall is here! That means so is pumpkin spice and everything nice. From fair food to festivals and holidays involving an abundance of delicious foods and treats, fall has proven to be a time for reflection, thankfulness, limiting exercise, and an increase in temptation for many. Here is a guide to keeping healthy habits this fall

  1. Fancy Coffee = Calories. Order your fall treat drink without guilt by limiting the number of orders or the size of the drink. You can also reduce calories with lower fat milk or reducing high-calorie additives like whipped cream, drizzles of syrups, and extra sweeteners.
Limiting Coffee Intake Fall Healthy Habits
  1. If you celebrate Halloween, think about purchasing candy for trick-or-treaters right before Halloween night, so the treats do not sit in the house begging to be consumed prior to when the first costumed guest arrives. Also, remember Halloween may look different this year, so it may be beneficial to wait to purchase candy to ensure your area is not planning a new normal for trick-or-treating activities.
Halloween Fall Festival Healthy Habits
  1. Exercise is important. Remember that cooler nights can be a great opportunity to go on walks. Dogs, kids, and even adults may enjoy a stroll in the cool fall evenings or mornings.
Fall Happiness with Healthy Habits
  1. Eat a healthy meal or snack before you attend events and festivals to limit cravings for foods that are less healthy. If you do decide to hold out for a once a year treat like deep fried fair foods (Yes! Even available without the fair this year in some locations.), make sure to savor the experience and let guilt go. Know that it is okay to experience a little food indulgence from time to time. Deprivation can lead to binging on foods later. Let yourself indulge in moderation and enjoy the moment in the fullest.
Healthy Fall Festival Habits
  1. Talk to friends and family. Fall is a great time to reconnect and be thankful. Take time to reconnect with people who you may have seen less due to changes in travel and social distancing. Humans need connection and fall is a great time to reach out to those who make a positive impact on your life.
Healthy Fall Habits
  1. Make time for you! With all the hustle and bustle of life we often forget to focus on making ourselves healthy by balancing out stress with calm and relaxation. Take a moment to reflect on the good points of your day, read a book, sit on the porch, focus on a hobby, laugh with friends, or whatever calm and happy looks like to you!

Have a happy healthy Fall! Hope you liked this guide to keeping healthy habits this fall.

Sarah Wilcox Registered Dietician Trusted Medical
Sarah Wilcox – MS RD LD, Trusted Medical