How to Avoid Firearm Injuries with Texas Gun Experience

Going to the gun range for recreational shooting? Here are some important gun safety tips on how to avoid gun-related injuries.

For many, a trip to the gun range is a fun recreational activity and exhilarating experience but that does not mean it’s not risky and comes without injuries. More than 67,000 persons are injured by firearms each year with gun injuries accounting for more than $48 billion in medical and work loss costs annually according to the US National Library of Medicine and National Institute of Health.

Shooting at a gun range can be dangerous therefore it’s important to know about gun safety and how to protect yourself and others while shooting a firearm. Trusted ER has teamed up with the Texas Gun Experience in Grapevine to share important tips about gun safety and some common injuries that can occur while shooting and how to avoid them.

The most common injuries that occur when shooting a firearm at a gun range include:

1.)  Hand Injuries

One of the first things to watch out for in gun safety is avoiding hand injuries. Two of the most common hand injuries are the slide bite and the barrel burn. A slide bite is a laceration on the web of the hand between the thumb and the pointer finger that occurs when the slide moves back and lacerates the thumb. This is often the most common hand injury and a sign that the gun was not gripped properly. Lacerations from firearms can be painful and in severe cases, if the wound is deep enough, may require stitches. A barrel burn is a type of burn on the hands that occurs when touching the barrel of the gun when it’s extremely hot after firing. Barrel burns can be severe and may require bandages and other antibiotics to treat the burn.

2.)  Eye Injuries

Eye injuries are another common type of injury that can happen while at the gun range. To prevent any ocular injury, it is imperative that you wear safety and protection gear, such as eye goggles, to prevent any damage from occurring. According to the “Elsevier Review’s Survey of Ophthalmology: Gun-related eye injuries: A primer” gun-related eye injuries are, “present in nearly 30% of all facial and cranial gunshot wound victims, and over half result in permanent visual dysfunction.” An eye injury can also occur as a result of shooting a firearm when there is an extended brass that comes back and hits you in the eye. Be sure to get checked out if you experience any injury to your eye to ensure there is no further damage to your vision nor rifts in your eye.  

3.)  Ear Injuries

It is important to wear ear protection when shooting a firearm to prevent any damage to the ear such as hearing loss. Exposure to extremely loud noises from firearms such as rifles can permanently damage your hearing. Keep in mind that recreational shooting can put your ears at risk and that “peak sound pressure levels from firearms range from 140 to 175dB” according to the US National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health.

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