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Food Insecurity and Hunger: Trusted Medical Food Drive and “Little Food Pantry” Program

In 2018, an estimated 1 in 9 Americans were food insecure, equating to over 37 million Americans, including more than 11 million children. At Trusted Medical, there has been an increased effort to meet the needs of the communities we serve. We have called upon our amazing team in collaboration with “Little Free Pantry” to provide innovative solutions that help fight hunger and get food to community members who are vulnerable during this new and challenging time.

Trusted ER has installed a “Little Food Pantry” at several locations in order to help neighbors in need.

Many households have seen a change in access to food, a reduction in income or have new obstacles of feeding family members. While most people are spending more time at home; many businesses have had to make the highly impactful and hard choice to close their doors. In light of this some people are finding themselves unable to provide for their families while many others are limited to sparse inventory at their local grocery stores. Although many people have an income that is considered to be below poverty level, there is a vast number of people who do not qualify for food assistance programs. Even one “off” month can take a household from stable to unstable as far as food security goes.

city man person people
Food insecurity can affect those who we least expect.

Helping Fight Hunger

Trusted has partnered with “Little Free Pantry” to provide a free resource for the community to fill emerging gaps in food security. Trusted has installed one little free pantry at our Coppell location and one at our Mansfield location, for which we are collecting non-perishable food donations until November 20th, 2020. These pantries are located in a discrete, yet well lit, location on the outside of the facilities and are meant to serve our community in a way that promotes both the giving and receiving of assistance. The pantries are stocked with non-perishable food items, toiletries, and hygiene items. Our motto for these pantries is “take what you need and leave what you don’t.”

Our Little Food Pantry locations are stocked with non-perishable food items, toiletries, and hygiene items.

Trusted Medical Centers has always been committed to serving our communities and its members in any way we can. We are so proud of the communities we serve and want to give back in a way that reaches far beyond food assistance. We hope that these new resources provide added peace of mind to our patients and neighbors in a time of uncertainty.

Sarah Wilcox Registered Dietician Trusted Medical
Sarah Wilcox
Director of Food and Clinical Nutrition Services
Trusted Medical

Happy Healthy Fall – A Guide To Keeping Healthy Habits This Fall

Fall is here! That means so is pumpkin spice and everything nice. From fair food to festivals and holidays involving an abundance of delicious foods and treats, fall has proven to be a time for reflection, thankfulness, limiting exercise, and an increase in temptation for many. Here is a guide to keeping healthy habits this fall

  1. Fancy Coffee = Calories. Order your fall treat drink without guilt by limiting the number of orders or the size of the drink. You can also reduce calories with lower fat milk or reducing high-calorie additives like whipped cream, drizzles of syrups, and extra sweeteners.
Limiting Coffee Intake Fall Healthy Habits
  1. If you celebrate Halloween, think about purchasing candy for trick-or-treaters right before Halloween night, so the treats do not sit in the house begging to be consumed prior to when the first costumed guest arrives. Also, remember Halloween may look different this year, so it may be beneficial to wait to purchase candy to ensure your area is not planning a new normal for trick-or-treating activities.
Halloween Fall Festival Healthy Habits
  1. Exercise is important. Remember that cooler nights can be a great opportunity to go on walks. Dogs, kids, and even adults may enjoy a stroll in the cool fall evenings or mornings.
Fall Happiness with Healthy Habits
  1. Eat a healthy meal or snack before you attend events and festivals to limit cravings for foods that are less healthy. If you do decide to hold out for a once a year treat like deep fried fair foods (Yes! Even available without the fair this year in some locations.), make sure to savor the experience and let guilt go. Know that it is okay to experience a little food indulgence from time to time. Deprivation can lead to binging on foods later. Let yourself indulge in moderation and enjoy the moment in the fullest.
Healthy Fall Festival Habits
  1. Talk to friends and family. Fall is a great time to reconnect and be thankful. Take time to reconnect with people who you may have seen less due to changes in travel and social distancing. Humans need connection and fall is a great time to reach out to those who make a positive impact on your life.
Healthy Fall Habits
  1. Make time for you! With all the hustle and bustle of life we often forget to focus on making ourselves healthy by balancing out stress with calm and relaxation. Take a moment to reflect on the good points of your day, read a book, sit on the porch, focus on a hobby, laugh with friends, or whatever calm and happy looks like to you!

Have a happy healthy Fall! Hope you liked this guide to keeping healthy habits this fall.

Sarah Wilcox Registered Dietician Trusted Medical
Sarah Wilcox – MS RD LD, Trusted Medical

Healthy Halloween: How to Enjoy Halloween Candy Without Overloading on Sugar

There is probably no healthy explanation for the amount of sugar and calories we give ourselves a pass on during the Halloween season, but it may be quite detrimental to our health.

Healthy homemade Halloween Treats

One of the biggest pro tips to a healthier Halloween would be quite simply: portion control. Sure it may be tough, especially with the mounds of candy one can accumulate during this time, but with the many treats you’ll come across, the most important note to follow would be counting the number of treats you are taking in. It would be great to also opt for the treats that have the least number of calories and sugars while also keeping an eye out for the treats that contain unhealthy fats as well.

Tootsie Roll pops are a great low calorie, low sugar Halloween candy.
Smarties are another great “healthy” Halloween candy option.

One great treat that can be considered healthier option would be a Tootsie Roll® pop, coming in at 60 calories and 11g of sugar. Studies show it can take anywhere from 144 to 411 licks to get to the center, making it rather difficult to overindulge and tipping over your sugar and calorie limits for the day. Another great Halloween candy is Smarties®, coming in at 25 calories and 6g of sugar, Smarties® allows you to enjoy Halloween without the guilt. Of course, whenever possible, try to opt for the granola bar with a low sugar content or maybe even the bag of pretzels. At this point you may be wondering “When I will get to the list of fun size chocolate treats in healthiest order?”. Unfortunately, with the average fun size chocolate bar being 160 calories and 17g of sugar, they do not make this particular list. You can however still have these treats, but it is wise to do so in moderation and with caution if a healthier holiday is your goal.

As one can see there are still a ways to enjoy this season while maintaining healthy habits. If you are still unsure, feel free to consult with your doctor or a dietician for a more personalized approach when enjoying all the wonderful options available. Have a happy and and we hope this short guide helped you to learn How to Enjoy Halloween Candy this Halloween in a healthy manner!

Suman Choudhary