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Why Was Trusted Founded?

Our work began when two individuals, who both shared a passion for community and patient care, set out to transform healthcare and build a healthcare system that would strengthen and promote the health and wellbeing of patients while offering an exceptional healthcare experience.

Co-founders, Harvey Castro, MD & Lori Guerrero, RN, BSN, MBA founded Trusted Medical out of their desire to create a better healthcare environment where the “noise of healthcare” no longer interferes with providers’ ability to heal patients who are sick and injured.

Setting the new standard for first-class medical care, Trusted Medical is where patients will find hotel-style amenities and exceptional care.

Our mission is to provide best-in-class healthcare to patients in the most comfortable environment where providers can build trust, personal relationships, and prioritiz more time with patients during visits.

As community health advocates, we champion the individuals and families that we serve and we are committed to providing the best healthcare experience to each and every patient.

We are Trusted Medical.
“Doing the right thing. Every patient. Every time.”

Dr. Harvey Castro, MD, FACEP, MBA​

Lori Guerrero, RN, BSN, MBA

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